News Release

CCA launches two new projects

The Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) is pleased to announce it will undertake two new assessments beginning this spring. These are in addition to the four new assessments recently announced.

Pull Incentives for High-Value Antimicrobials

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a serious health threat with the potential to become a full-blown crisis as treatment options dwindle. Timely, secure, and stable access to effective antimicrobials will be essential to mitigate AMR. However, new antimicrobials have limited profitability because, to curb resistance development, they are intended to be used sparingly ― in severe cases as a treatment of last resort. Due to poor returns on investment and other barriers, traditional market forces alone are not enough to ensure the commercial launch and market sustainability of new antimicrobials in Canada.
This assessment will examine economic pull incentives for encouraging market entry and sustained market availability of high-value antimicrobials in Canada.

Sponsor: Public Health Agency of Canada

Socio-economic Impacts of Health Data Sharing in Canada

The consistent collection and flow of high-quality health data can inform research and decision-making related to public health, improve delivery of healthcare services, and ultimately save lives. As COVID-19 highlighted, data are also crucial for the detection, prevention, and response to public health events. Canada currently lacks a clear and consistent approach to health data management due to misaligned goals and priorities, various privacy concerns, and differing risk tolerances.

This assessment will examine the socio-economic impacts of current approaches to health data sharing across Canada.

Sponsor: Public Health Agency of Canada

Multidisciplinary expert panels will be appointed in the coming months for these assessments with report releases anticipated in 2023-24.