B. Courtney Doagoo

B. Courtney Doagoo

Director, Management Consulting Practice, KPMG LLP; AI and Society Fellow at the Centre for Law, Technology and Society, University of Ottawa (Toronto, ON)

May 25, 2021

As AI and Society Fellow at the Centre for Law, Dr. B. Courtney Doagoo develops her research on the social, economic and cultural implications of AI and technology more generally, with a particular focus on the role of laws, norms, and policies.

Dr. Doagoo completed her PhD in Law at the University of Ottawa in 2017. In her interdisciplinary research, she used empirical methods to learn about and describe the use of intellectual property law and norms in creative communities. Following her doctoral research, she joined the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Coordination Office in New York as a legal intern and contributed to developing the joint initiative on gender and innovation in collaboration with UNESCO and UN Women.

Dr. Doagoo later joined the International Law Research Program at the Centre for International Governance Innovation as a post-doctoral Fellow, where she conducted research in technology and law focusing on intellectual property law, artificial intelligence, and data governance. She is currently a Senior Manager in the Risk Consulting Practice at KPMG LLP in Toronto.

Role: Panel Member
Report: AI for Science and Engineering