Darrell Donahue

Darrell Donahue

Professor, College of Engineering, University of Maine (Orono, ME)

September 22, 2011

Darrell Donahue is Professor at the University of Maine. His research focuses on quantitative risk assessment and modeling of environmental systems. In 2007-2008 Dr. Donahue was Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Department of Homeland Security where he developed planning and exercise tools for community preparedness and resiliency planning.

Dr. Donahue has extensive experience in advising government, including the National Academies of Science Committee, Scientific Criteria for safe food (2001 to 2003); US-EPA Science Advisory Board, Computational Toxicological Framework for Risk Assessment (2003); and the US Army-CHPPM task force for anthrax threat models (2003 to present).

Dr. Donahue received his PhD in Engineering, Operations Research and Mathematics from North Carolina State University. Before joining the University of Maine in 1995, he worked at North Carolina State University and as an engineer in industry, focusing on evaluation of engineering economics and impacts of engineering and safety management decisions.

Role: Panel Member
Report: Healthy Animals, Healthy Canada (September 2011)