Elena Bennett

Elena Bennett

Assistant Professor, Department of Natural Resource Sciences and McGill School of Environment, McGill University (Montréal, QC)

February 26, 2013

Elena Bennett is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Natural Resource Sciences and at the McGill School of Environment, McGill University.

Dr. Bennett’s research revolves around her interests in understanding and managing ecosystem services in agricultural and peri-urban landscapes. She is particularly curious about the trade-off between agricultural production and water quality, human impacts on biogeochemical cycling (and the subsequent effect of these changes on human well-being), and the role of landscape configuration in the provision of ecosystem services. Other interests include ecosystem management, sustainable development, the use of science in management decisions, and communicating science to the public and other decision-makers.

Dr. Bennett earned her PhD in Limnology at the University of Wisconsin and has published dozens of peer-reviewed articles and books.

Role: Panel Member
Report: Water and Agriculture in Canada: Towards Sustainable Management of Water Resources (February 2013)