Jaigris Hodson

Jaigris Hodson

Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Digital Communication for the Public Interest, College of Interdisciplinary Studies, Royal Roads University (Victoria, BC)

June 22, 2021

Jaigris Hodson is the Canada Research Chair (tier 2) in Digital Communication for the Public Interest. Her SSHRC and CIHR funded research examines the ways that misinformation can be mitigated through digital communication efforts, particularly those targeted at the research community. Thus, her current work examines such interdisciplinary topics as educational interventions to address COVID-19 related misinformation, the online harassment of diverse researchers, the discourses of conspiracy theories, and ecological approaches to understanding misinformation in a modern context.

Jaigris Hodson received her PhD from York University in 2013. As a Canadian Science Policy Fellow (2018-2019), Ms. Hodson worked with Environment and Climate Change Canada to assist in understanding how to best communicate the science of climate change to the Canadian public.

Jaigris Hodson is on the editorial board for the Journal of Digital and Social Media Marketing. She has also worked as a social media consultant with the private sector for such organizations as the Canadian Country Music Association and GCI Canada, and is a sought-after speaker on topics such as digital or social media communication, diversity, and technological disruption.

Role: Panel Member
Report: Fault Lines (2023)