Michael Wolfson

Michael Wolfson, FCAHS

Canada Research Chair, Population Health Modelling / Populomics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON)

March 31, 2015

Dr. Michael C. Wolfson was awarded a Canada Research Chair in Population Health Modelling / Populomics in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa in 2010. He formerly held the position of Assistant Chief Statistician, Analysis and Development, at Statistics Canada.

Dr. Wolfson holds a BSc in mathematics, computer science and economics from the University of Toronto, and a PhD from Cambridge University. His areas of expertise include program review and evaluation, tax/transfer policy, pension policy, income distribution, design of health information systems, microsimulation modelling of socio-economic policy and health dynamics, and analysis of the determinants of health.

Dr. Wolfson has held positions in the Treasury Board Secretariat, the Department of Finance, the Privy Council Office, the House of Commons, and the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office prior to joining Statistics Canada. He was also a Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research Program in Population Health (1988-2003).

He has authored numerous articles addressing topics such as assessing the inter-generational equity of Canada’s pension and health care systems, the design of an appropriate system of health statistics, modelling disease determinants and treatments, income inequality and polarization trends, and income and income inequality as determinants of population health.

A Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, Dr. Wolfson is also a member of the International Statistical Institute.

Role: Panel Member; Panel Member
Report: Strengthening Canada's Research Capacity: The Gender Dimension (November 2012); Accessing Health and Health-Related Data in Canada (March 2015)