Norman E. Taylor

Norman E. Taylor

President, The Global Network for Community Safety Canada Inc.; Program Director, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Executive Global Studies; and Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being (Oshawa, ON)

March 16, 2017

Mr. Norm Taylor has been an independent advisor, educator, author and researcher for over 35 years, concentrating his practice in the field of policing and public safety for the past 20 years. Since 2008, he has spent much of his professional life in Saskatchewan as an Advisor to the Ministry of Justice: Corrections and Policing. His 2009 Future of Policing report to the Ministry set the stage for the enterprise approach to crime reduction that led to that Province’s Building Partnerships strategy, and he and his advisory team have been widely recognized as co-founders and architects of the high-profile Community Mobilization Prince Albert model.

As Senior Advisor to Saskatchewan’s Deputy Minister, Mr. Taylor plays a continuing role in re-aligning and transforming public services there, and with his team have been instrumental in supporting the advancement of Sask-inspired, collaborative risk-driven models for community safety and well-being across Canada and into the United States. Mr. Taylor also served for two years as a Lead Advisor to the Ontario Working Group, and in 2014 he became a Senior Advisor to Ontario’s Deputy Minister of Community Safety, assisting with the formulation and roll-out of the Strategy for a Safer Ontario.

In 2014, Mr. Taylor founded the Global Network for Community Safety, based in Toronto and Miami Beach, Florida, and he and his Global Network team of associates continue to support jurisdictions across North America in the adoption of multi-sector solutions and social innovation strategies.

Since 2002, Mr. Taylor has served as co-founder and Program Director of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Executive Global Studies Program where he has led over 170 Canadian police leaders through global research studies in 35 countries. He is also an associate member of the CACP International Policing Committee, and of the CACP Cyber Crime Council.

Mr. Taylor is widely recognized as a speaker and moderator having led several high profile national conferences for the CACP and others. He recently led the design team and served as Lead Moderator for the May 2016 conference “Moving Forward: Safer Futures: An Inclusive Dialogue Among Police, Policy Makers and Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples.” He is currently moderating a national task force examining over-representation of marginal peoples, with a special emphasis on indigenous peoples, in the criminal justice system.

In February 2016, Mr. Taylor was named by the CSKA Board of Directors to serve as founding Editor-in-Chief of the new Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB).

Role: Panel Member
Report: Toward Peace, Harmony, and Well-Being: Policing in Indigenous Communities (April 2019)