Robert Janssen

Robert Janssen

Senior Policy Analyst, Prevention Policy and Regulation Review Department, Policy and Research Division, WorkSafeBC (Richmond, BC)

December 19, 2007

Robert Janssen is a Senior Policy Analyst in the Policy and Research Division with WorkSafeBC, providing policy and regulation advice to the Board regarding occupational health and safety issues.

Mr. Janssen has 28 years of experience in occupational health and safety as it applies to most of British Columbia’s industries from pulp and paper mills to aluminum smelters to healthcare facilities. He has co-investigated several epidemiological studies with the University of British Columbia and the British Columbia Cancer Agency, and co-authored a number of peer-reviewed scientific journal articles.

Mr. Janssen has served as a technical advisor to the Canadian Standards Association – Z94.4 Standard covering respiratory protection. With respect to infectious diseases within the realm of occupational exposures for healthcare, he was a member of a multi-disciplinary team, part of the British Columbia SARS Scientific Committee, co-authoring the 2004 Ontario Change Foundation study Protecting the Faces of Health Care Workers, based on his expertise in the fields of aerosol physics and respiratory protection. His latest work involves proposed amendments for sections of WorkSafeBC’s Occupational Health and Safety Regulation regarding infectious agents and infectious materials and research on the transmission of infectious agents with consideration for respiratory protection.

Mr. Janssen holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours, Biosciences) and a Master of Science (Biosciences, Physiology) from the University of British Columbia and is a Registered Occupational Hygienist. He is a member of the Canadian Standards Association, American Industrial Hygiene Association, American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, and the International Society for Respiratory Protection.

Role: Panel Member
Report: Influenza Transmission and the Role of Personal Protective Respiratory Equipment: An Assessment of the Evidence (December 2007)