Sabin Boily

Sabin Boily

President, LithChi Inc. and Chairman, Société pour la promotion de la science et de la technologie (Montréal, QC)

July 10, 2008

Sabin Boily is President of LithChi Inc. and Chairman of the Société pour la promotion de la science et de la technology.

Dr. Boily has served as a member of the scientific staff of the research centre at HydroQuébec. He was an active participant in the development of nanocrystalline materials, notably for the creation of hydrogen reservoirs. He was involved in the creation of 20 patents in the area of nanometric techniques and powders. Dr. Boily was the founding president of Groupe Minutia Inc., an enterprise dedicated to the development, production, integration and commercialization of nanomaterials. Additionally, he has served as president of the Evaluation panel on the ethics of nanoscience and nanotechnology of the Commission on the ethics of science and technology of Quebec.

Dr. Boily’s activities are concentrated in the fields of materials (high efficiency catalysts), renewable energies, environment, nanotechnologies and the ethics of science and technology. He is an expert in the technology of nanometric powders, in the characterization and composition of nanomaterials as well as in the processes and equipment related to their production.

Dr. Boily holds a Bachelor of Physical Engineering from the École polytehnique de Montréal and, a Master and PhD in Energy Sciences from the Institut de la recherche scientifique (Energy and Materials).

Role: Panel Member
Report: Small is Different: A Science Perspective on the Regulatory Challenges of the Nanoscale (July 2008)