Quantum Technologies


Quantum technologies will affect all sectors of the Canadian economy. Built on the principles of quantum physics, these emerging technologies present significant opportunities in the areas of sensing and metrology, computation and communication, and data science and artificial intelligence, among others. But there is also the potential they could be used to facilitate cyberattacks, putting financial systems, utility grids, infrastructure, personal privacy, and national security at risk.

Budget 2021 included a National Quantum Strategy to amplify Canada’s strength in quantum research, grow quantum-ready technologies, and solidify Canada’s global leadership in this area. A comprehensive exploration of the capabilities and potential vulnerabilities of these technologies will help to inform their future deployment across the society and the economy.

This assessment will examine the impacts, opportunities, and challenges quantum technologies present for industry, governments, and people in Canada.

The sponsor:

National Research Council Canada and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

The question:

In light of current trends affecting the evolution of quantum technologies, what opportunities and challenges do these present in Canada?

  • What does the current evidence and knowledge suggest regarding promising and leading practices that could be applied to drive and accelerate the adoption of quantum technologies in Canada?
  • What are the enabling conditions to ensure broad access to and market readiness for quantum technologies in Canada?
  • What are the main socio-economic, regulatory, and ethical challenges related to the adoption of quantum technologies in Canada?